World House of Rondine

Are you ready to learn how to transform the conflict into an opportunity and generate social change?
The World House program is the experience that you are looking for!

What is Rondine?

Rondine Cittadella della Pace is an organization committed to reducing armed conflicts around the world and spreading its own method for the creative transformation of conflicts in every context. Its objective is contributing to a planet free from armed clashes, in which every person has the tools to manage conflicts in a creative and positive way. Rondine was born in a Medieval Tuscan hamlet, a few kilometres away from Arezzo, Italy: here, the main Rondine projects for education and professional experience are developed.

What is the World House?

The program that gave rise and inspiration to Rondine is the World House: since 1998, it has hosted young people who come from countries where, whether currently or recently, conflict has degenerated into violent forms.

They accept to live with their “enemy”, to learn how to face their conflict and turn it into an opportunity for change.
The World House program lasts 18 months. It is an educational program where participants can enhance their ability for creative conflict transformation. This occurs at individual, relational, and social levels through conviviality, formal and non-formal education, engagement in public and institutional events, as well as involvement in volunteer activities.

At the end of the program, the young participants of the World House are empowered with the tools to drive change. They possess the ability to employ relational facilitation skills and leadership qualities in environments marked by rapid transformation, elevated complexity, and high levels of conflict—all nurtured through their experience at Rondine.

Currently, the World House hosts thirty students from twenty-five different countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

World House: the main focuses

Daily life

Participation and exchange in daily life represent the most important elements of the Rondine experience. It is a unique occasion to get to know different points of view thanks to the continuous connection with other participants living in different conflict situations and having different cultures, experiences, and emotional backgrounds. The interpersonal relationship established in daily life is the key to overcoming a conflict. Other crucial factors are listening to the other, comprehension, dialogue, and sharing.

Capacity building training

Participants receive high-level training on topics related to conflict transformation, emotional intelligence, communication abilities, and methodologies. The training is carried out by Rondine’s team, international academics, practitioners, and trainers. Through formal lectures, seminars, and non-formal activities, the training provides essential tools and knowledge to increase self-awareness and to be able to develop concrete opportunities to make a social impact in their communities.

Civic engagement

World House fellows are involved in institutional events, divulgatory activities, media exposure, educational and training moments for schools and other organizations, voluntary and charity activities. Therefore, they are active participants in all the initiatives that Rondine promotes and adheres to, with the aim of realizing Rondine’s mission.

Formal education

The last part of the program is a professional and academic specialization, which includes attendance at a master's course in Italian Universities (Florence, Siena). Participation in Academic studies aims to prepare for careers with more sensibility and orientation to social change.
Eligible master courses

Training Program


The impact-generation processes bring Rondine’s vision into concrete reality, offering an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Accordingly, after the Second Semester, Rondine offers an additional 6-month training (January – June) on project design to fellows who demonstrate a deep interiorization of the association’s mission and are committed to developing impactful social project ideas rooted in the Rondine Method.

After having completed the program in Rondine, participants of the World House are ready to act in different socio-cultural contexts. They have the right to join Rondine International Peace Lab (R-IPL), the network of Rondine’s alumni.
R-IPL supports former students in realizing cooperation and development projects, targeting peace building. For more information:

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for young people

Interested in conflicts (personal, interpersonal, social, international)

Ready for active listening and team work

Willing to be future leaders

Interested in topics such as conflict transformation, communication, human rights, cooperation and global sustainability
Ready to tell their story and experience in public

Curious to live with youth having different religions and cultures

Willing to engage in development projects, social innovation and change

Selection steps

November 2023

Opening of the call for participants

December 2023 – January 2024

Deadline for submission of application

January – May 2024

Pre-selection phase, Interviews and Italian test

June 2024

Selection results

July 1, 2024

Inception phase – online

July – September 2024

Administrative procedures

September 23, 2024

Residential program starting date

If you want to join Rondine

Be sure to meet basic requirements:


Aged 21 – 28


Holder of a Bachelor’s degree (or going to earn it by July 2024)


Willing to be engaged in civil society

Coming from:
Balkans – deadline: 28/04/2024
Call for participants
Eastern Europe – deadline: 04/03/2024
Call for participants
Mali – deadline: 15/01/2024
Call for participants
Middle East – deadline: 20/05/2024
Call for participants
South Caucasus – deadline: 17/03/2024
Call for participants
Carefully read our call for participants to know conditions and requirements then fill the application form here below.


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